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8 Amazing Options Besides having a Bachelorette Party


Ladies, it’s a night all about you! So how do you want to celebrate it?

It’s supposed to be a fun night that unites the bride to be with all her greatest friends to celebrate getting married, and her last night of being single. A bachelorette party, more commonly known as a hen party in Europe can signify simply as much as you want it too, from the last night being a single woman, to just bonding with your friends. But if the average way people celebrate in the United States isn’t your perfect idea, you have plenty of other options.


Get some bonding time in.


Grab a Party Bus Northern VA can have a fun time in.


It’s always easy to bond with others when you are smiling, laughing, and having a great experience. Choosing the right environment for that to take place is half the battle. Find Party Bus Services Virginia or DC Party Bus can rely on for a clean and comfortable atmosphere and reliable chauffeurs.


Do something new.


Like what? Why not try out a new sport like scuba diving, canoeing, or sailing. Take a tour of the city and choose places that you would like to visit later that night.

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Do something nice.


Grab all your friends and a few Buses Washington DC visitors and locals alike love and go out and get a massage with friends, or go to the spa.


Grab some grub!


Yelp the best places in the area for your favorite type of food, or take the girls out and just grab dessert instead.


Get out of your comfort zone.


Doing something you’re afraid to do with others can be a really great bonding experience, as well as a personal feat!

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