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Best Party Bus Christmas Games

If you’re tired of the same old Christmas parties, then hop into a Party Bus Northern VA will love to spice it up this year!



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Fun Christmas Games for Big Laughs

The plastic wrap ball game. Never heard of it huh? This game has been used for church groups to bachelor parties, and makes a great Christmas game to get everyone laughing.

First, someone has to make the ball pre-Christmas party. You start by wrapping layers of plastic wrap over a jingle bell(s), then over each other and adding packaging tape to seal it until it forms a small ball. Then in each layer as you wrap this ball, add a gift, or gag gift if you would like.

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When the ball is finished, it should be the size of a basketball at least and contain several random items wrapped with in it. To play, the ball is passed around and the person to the right of the ball holder has two dice they roll frantically until they get doubles. Meanwhile the person with the ball is unwrapping it, grabbing all the gifts they can. Once their neighbor rolls doubles, it’s time to pass the ball to the next player. Try it on a Party Bus Virginia loves and you’ll have a blast!

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If you like dancing, you’ll love this game. It’s commonly called The Snowman Shake or The Jingle Bell Shake. There are different variations, but they all involve taping a box, bottle, or basket taped to someone’s backside, filling up the container will bells or Ping-Pong balls and dancing around to get as many out of the container as possible. It’s simply hilarious.

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