Amazing Wedding Cooking From The Heart

Fantastic Ideas That Cater to Your Wedding


Changing up wedding catering is a sure way to bend the rules and offer something unique to your wedding.


Standard traditional fare can be a bore, spice it up with these delicious ideas. From home kitchen cooking to food trucks. There are a number of ways to get your guests feeling great and saying wow.


If you are thinking of using food trucks for your wedding then you probably have a few favorites in mind. Ask vendors for information about renting their catering to you for a wedding.

By paying for the supplies and time you will surely secure a food truck to cater your event. They may not be front row at the wedding or riding in the party bus DC loves, but they will certainly be a part of this big day.

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Having aunts, uncles and grandmothers all in the kitchen preparing the wedding meal is a fantastic way to mic the old with the new. Family favorites and comfort foods make everyone feel right at home and filled with soul food as the events get under way.

Why not have the young adults prepare the meal for everyone, show them how team work and dedication can overcome all obstacles as they use the time available to prepare a meal for their families freshly arriving from the DC limo service.

The thought is sweet and fun, but make sure they have some adult supervision along the way, or maybe just let them handle setting the tables. Call us now – (202) 830-0479