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How to Create Décor that Tells a Story: Great Wedding Ideas


Have you had the opportunity to meet everyone on your partner’s side of the family?

What about your future spouse? Have they met the lot of your friends and family that will be attending the wedding? If the answer is “No,” then you have the chance to create very special wedding décor that can share your story.

By sharing your story, you give your close family and best friends the chance to learn more about you and your partner. Grabbing a Party Bus Northern VA visitors love for wedding after parties is a fantastic way to chat and bond, but if you start during the wedding, via informative décor, they will already know how you met and the like.


What is your story?


Did you meet a few times on Buses Washington DC used for public transit? Where did you first meet? What are you and yours careers? What about favorite hobbies? Do you have children?

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Think about what you would like to share with your guests.


Ways to share:


Create a custom aisle banner with blurbs about you and yours.

Order timeline table runners.

Put fun facts on customized napkins.

Was your partner top of their class? Captain of the track team? Fun photos from childhood are always a pleasure to see.


Share a few accomplishments. Did the company you work for recently go nationwide, and did your teamwork assist this in happening?


Make a custom playlist when riding with DC Party Bus Services recommend for the afterparty.


Show your best features and never portray negativity.

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