How to Have a Successful Beach Wedding Tips


Ah, a wedding on the beach. What could be more delightful; the ocean provides a peaceful, romantic, and rewarding atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else.

So, if you plan on grabbing an DC Bus Rental to the airport, be sure your beach side wedding will be a success by bringing these essential items along with you!

You probably know what it is like to be on the beach on a sunny day. Before you know it you are sweating and there is no where to seek shelter from the sun, all except for the ocean. This might be fine for some of your sun-loving guests, but for others, it can create huge issues. Because listening to the weather a day before in DC Coach Bus Rentals isn’t reliable for cloud coverage on the day of your wedding, it’s crucial to have shelter for your guests. Whether you set up beach umbrellas over your guest seating areas, put up an elegant canopy, or book a venue with an outdoor shelter—it is vital to provide a way for guests to retreat from the sun.

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Speaking of guest seating, consider plastic or wood chairs, anything but metal, because metal will heat up very quickly.

Parking on the beach can be impossible to find or very expensive. Consider grabbing a limo for the couple and a Charter Bus Rental DC visitors can rely on, for your guests.

Be aware of the predicted temperature on the beach the day of your wedding. Remind guests to wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

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Other essential items to bring along for a beach wedding: sunblock, sunglasses, fans, shaving cream and razors, flip-flops or sandals, towels, bathing suit, and a sunhat.

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