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Managing Wedding Gifts: DC Limo Service

Managing Wedding Gifts: A Guide on How Not to Get Mugged Off Them with DC Limo Service

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You want it to go smoothly without having any hiccups along the way. Among the many blunders couples make on their big day, not managing the gifts they receive is one of them.

There have been cases of mugging at weddings where gifts go missing or worse, get stolen. it’s impossible to know everyone at your wedding personally because you don’t know half of the people attending your wedding (your soon-to-be spouse’s side). Worse yet, even if you have doubts, you can’t say it out loud because it would be quite rude to call someone a gift thief when they are one of the closest family members from your spouse’s side.

Don’t wait until someone comes to you saying some gifts have gone missing as you are leaving for your honeymoon in a DC Limo Rental. Be proactive!

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Ways to Ensure Safety


1.      Online Registries:

Online registries are the safest and easiest way to handle the gifts fiasco. Once you allow your guests the liberty to choose from the things you need, it not only becomes feasible for them but also becomes easier to for them to mail them directly to your house.

2.      Don’t Have a Gifts Table:

Gift tables may seem like a reasonable choice to have but they aren’t. True; all your gifts will be in one place but then, you will have to appoint members of your family to keep an eye on them throughout the ceremony.

3.      Lock Them in your Wedding Limo:

Hiring a limo rental DC is another great way to ensure all your gifts are locked up in the back seat/trunk of your DC Limo Rental. That way, you can rest assured that no mugging incident will occur. However, only do so if you trust the chauffeur of the DC Limo Service.

4.      Hire Gift Attendants:

Other than keeping them in your Limo Rental in DC, most celebrity weddings have hired gift assistants to look after your gifts. You can also hire security agencies to send their trusted people to look after your gifts. Yes, gift attendants are a real thing. Get free quotes today!

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