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Send the Obamas Off Right with a Charter Bus in DC

View the Obama White House before the occupants change with a charter bus DC providing the required transportation for your group.


Before the occupants in the White House change, make plans to view the Obama’s White House. While the residential portion is never open to tours for obvious reasons, the public portion is open to the public, and tickets are free.

Visitors can’t simply come through willy-nilly; they must make appropriate arrangements beforehand. Our company will provide your group with the necessary travel accommodations by way of charter bus in DC.

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Arranging a White House Visit

Your personal Congressional representative is the appropriate channel through whom you should request a tour of the White House.

At least three weeks of notice should precede your request in order to provide adequate time for arrangements to be made, especially since they are completed in the order received. You’ll also need to know the time of your visit prior to reserving your charter bus rental DC so that the schedules line up accurately.

Our reservations are much easier to secure, and online reservations and short notice availability make it easy to secure the needed transportation.


Know What to Expect

Before venturing forth on your trip to the People’s House, you should have clear expectations. An obvious security presence will include guards, identification checks, and other security checks. You will not be allowed to video or photograph within the building, nor will you have access to restrooms. All visitors are held to these policies, and exceptions will not be made.

Stay Safe While Traveling

Charter Bus in DC


A DC charter bus increases the safety level held by your group. All members can stay together. We’ll accommodate your entire group regardless of the size, and you won’t have to rely on many vehicles and drivers. We also provide a professional, capable chauffeur who is familiar with the city and committed to your travel needs.

Every machine provided will be comprehensively licensed, bonded, and insured, and every chauffeur holds all required qualifications as well as cleared background and drug screenings.

Being able to tour the Obama White House before January when the family leaves is a historical opportunity. With thorough planning and using efficient and convenient transportation, you can make sure that your group enjoys an easy and fulfilling experience.

To further your satisfaction, our customer support agents await your call around the clock to assist your capital trip.

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