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What is Worth Spending Money on for your Wedding

With everything that needs taken care of during wedding planning, even the largest budget can seem small.


Couples begin to wonder what element of the wedding they should focus on and put more of their funding towards. That’s when weighing the pros and cons and figuring out what is really important is key. Do guests really need or even expect party favors? Should I hire a second photographer? Should I snag Phoenix Party Bus Service for the after party?

So what is worth it? Let’s weight some things out.


Party Favors? Yay or Nay? Most couples and weddings guests will agree that if you don’t plan to put too much money into the wedding favors, then you might as well skip it. No one will miss the cheap lotions and hand sanitizers. If you take a practical perspective—it might be better just to put that money towards the buffet.

Wedding Limo Phoenix

What about an after party? Are you considering grabbing a Party Bus Rental Phoenix will love? Or maybe everyone is going to ride with Phoenix Limo service to a venue, or even your place. It’s true—the after party is just more money spent. However, if letting loose with friends is super important to you, then go for it. Often the bride and groom are so busy during the wedding they don’t get to speak with everyone they would have liked too and an after party gives them that chance.


 A Wedding Limo Phoenix uses to and from the wedding? Essential. No one wants to hop in their minivan right after they get married.

Decorations? Essential. But keeping it simple looks great too.


Alcohol? Not Essential. Tell them it’s a BYOB.


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