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Why You Can Never Get A hold of Your Wedding Vendor and What to do About It

So, you grab a DC SUV Limo meet with a caterer, talk about food, taste food, discuss the wedding with Wedding Vendor.

You decide that they are perfect. You try to email them a week later to make an adjustment to the menu and anxiously wait hours and they never return your email. So, you decide to give them a call the next day, but no one picks up. Now your worried that you didn’t make the right decision and are wondering if you should go with another caterer.

Before you grab DC SUV Limo Service or a Jet Door DC Hummer Limo and go banging on their door to cancel services, consider this. Did you contact them on a weekday? Chances are, their days off are throughout the week and they have not even seen your email. Almost all wedding vendors work the weekends, after all, this is the most popular time to have a wedding with Wedding Vendor. So, before you lose your head, give it one more day.

Maybe you tried to call on a weekend, or booked a DC Hummer Party Bus, and went to speak with them in person and couldn’t reach them. Well, the weekend will be very busy for them, so maybe they will have to wait until the next day to return your call because they are helping other clients.

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Either way, whether you can get them through an email, or you have to grab a DC Hummer Limo to visit them in person. Find out what days they work and which they have off, so you know when you can reach them. Ask them when the best time to call is, or which method of contact works best for them. If they are making it impossible for you to reach them, then it is time to start thinking about changing vendors.

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