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Washington DC Party Bus
DC Party Bus Rental has been a leading transportation company for more than 25 years. DC Party Bus Rentals will provide the best experience. Washington DC Party Bus built up an incredible selection of vehicles so each client can choose the exact vehicle they want for whatever purpose.

Experience Extraordinary Customer Service at Party Bus DC Rentals

DC Party buses are the new best thing when it comes to having fun Along the road while also reaching your destination in time without any hold ups. And if you’ve heard about Party Buses DC or ever thought to yourself “Is there a Party Bus Rental Near Me” you’re in luck because there probably is one. After you’ve typed in “Washington DC Party Bus Rentals” in your browser, you can expect to see a late model vehicle with aesthetically pleasing exterior that is sure to turn the heads of any and all bystanders while you drive around.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye from the outside, every time you search for “Cheap Party Buses Washington DC or charter buses near me” you should see a vehicle Equipped with all the latest amenities to make your life easier on the road. Some of those amenities include: A standard full-size dance floor, some disco lights, and custom recliner seats with extra leg room. In addition, one of the features that makes searching for “DC Party Bus Rentals” worth the while is of course, the surround sound system Suitable for your mobile which gives you all the freedom you can have while choosing any music you would like to blast through those speakers while you are on the road. Now, not all of us need a Party Bus in DC and if you’ve ever been in need of searching for a “Party Bus Washington DC” you can rest assured that there is a high-quality service designed for just that, transporting groups of people. Whether you’re in need of a Mini Bus Rental DC for a few friends or you require multiple Party Bus Rentals Washington DC for a group that counts in the hundreds, have no worries because they can handle it all.

The last thing that should be addressed is of course, passenger safety while on the road. It should go without saying that all of the chauffeurs that will be accompanying you on your journey are well trained professionals each with several years of experience in passenger transportation. Another thing that sets their passenger Mini Bus Rentals DC transportation service apart from their competitors is their availability. You should be able to contact us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via the phone (202) 830-0479 or through our website where you can get a free quote and fill out an online booking form for your instant quote.

Make The Most Of Your Bachelor Parties with Affordable Party Bus DC Rentals

What is the First Thing That Comes to Your Mind When You Think About the Best Bachelor Parties? We’re sure it’s a Party Bus Rental in DC! That would make you wonder, “Where can I find such a Party Bus Rentals DC?” Well, it’s not an easy task finding a reliable, modern, and an affordable party buses in DC. So we’ve decided to start offering all of that to our customers. Our DC party bus rentals are safe, professional, cheap, and efficient, and they are there for all of your craziest parties. If your motivation to look for a “DC Party Bus Service” was to accommodate all of your friends and make sure that there was enough room for all of them to have fun. Our Party Buses Rentals DC can help you out. Our Party Buses in Washington DC can easily provide seating for around 40 people at the most but DC Party Bus Rentals have different sizes as well, which can accommodate fewer people if you’d like to have only a close group of friends with you.

Looking For A Party On Wheels with Cheap Party Buses DC?

One of the best things about a Party Bus in Washington DC or party buses near me is that it comes with a private professional chauffeur that will make sure that you get everywhere safely. When you decide to party, one of the things that ruin the vibe is that there needs to be someone who is going to be a dedicated driver for the night. That means that person won’t be able to drink and have fun like the others. Well, if you have chosen this “Party Bus Rental DC” you should know that you are in good hands. Our Cheap Party Buses DC’s chauffeurs go through rigorous testing and they are the best professionals in the industry. They care both about your safety, your time, and your privacy. So, all you need to do is enjoy your time partying with us.

Exceed Your Expectations with DC Party Buses

When people are renting a party bus in DC, money is another one of their concerns. That is why Party Buses DC are offering a Cheap Party Bus Washington DC that everyone can afford for themselves. Our Party Bus DC Rental Prices little but they value a lot. From the moment you set your foot in, you will not believe that you’re paying so little for such a luxury. But, fairy tales do come true after all. All that we need from you is the information about your trip and your party. We’ll make it work. Use our quick form to share with us the number of passengers, the time, the preferred vehicle, the destinations, expected mileage and so on. It takes a few minutes of your time and after that, Party Bus DC Rental can get the party started with your best Party Bus Packages DC or DC Party Bus Prices!

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Enjoy Party Bus in DC

Party Bus DC

Up to 22 Passengers

If you think about renting DC Party Bus Rental you will only be able to enjoy your stylish ride with high-quality service. We possess various types of comfortable vehicles. So your Party Bus Rental ride with us should be nothing but an enjoyable experience. Our DC party buses are also well-equipped one, that means that you will for sure have a great fun.

Mega Party Bus DC

Mega Party Bus DC

Up to 40 Passengers

All our buses provide nothing but a luxury accommodation. So you won’t have to worry about your comfort at all! So, If you are thinking about renting a convenient bus service for your special day. You should definitely consider Our Party Bus Rental DC Company. If you plan to make your tour just in time, or maybe want to make a last-minute arrangement as well. we can help you with that too.


Party LIMO BUS in DC

Party Limo Bus DC

Up to 25 Passengers

A limousine gives off a sophisticated style sense. When you engage one of our DC party limo buses in VA, you get to enjoy this exquisite sensation while ensuring your guests never even realize they are in a moving vehicle. Gullwing doors, DVD, iPod hook ups, fiber optic laser lights, bar, lighted floor; you name it and we have it. Accommodating up to 25 guests at a time, this is the vehicle you need when you plan your next event.



Up to 14 passengers

Add a reliable brilliant white limousine to any occasion to make it special. This pampered ride is not only for newly weds, but also for graceful and relaxing wine tours; as well as airport transportation. A ride is what you make out of it, and we alway make it one­of­a­kind; listening to special requests.

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jet door dc hummer limo for Party

Jet Door DC Hummer Limo

Up to 20 Passengers

The sheer style sensation this vehicle evokes is out of the world. Our guests have quite often been the center of attention with this remarkable vehicle. If you want to make a memorable impression on your guests, choose this as your DC party bus vehicle for the night and enjoy every add-on that comes along with it. Raise your glasses and open the impressive jet door of your vehicle and step in, in style.

Excursion Limo in DC

Excursion Limo DC

Up to 14 Passengers

This is a great vehicle if you want to take your guests around town and you want to do it in style. With additions like DVD, flat screen, iPod hook up, laser lights you can turn your mornings and your evenings into a spectacular affair. Our bar and lighted floor will ensure you continue this party well into the night and create the impact you, as a host, were hoping for.

Excursion Limo in DC


Up to 40 passengers

Bring the vitality back to the party. With surround sound speakers, flat screen TV’s, and a hardwood dance floor, it’s difficult not to have a fantastic time inside our luxury Party Bus Virginia. Add spice to any birthday, or special celebration while riding inside your chauffeured exclusive members­only club on wheels.



Up to 9 passengers

There is nothing standard about this limousine, in fact our black limousines are filled with amenities you can enjoy on the road. Ride on comfortable leather seats in a spacious environment. Whether you need transportation to Dulles, to the office, or the club; this limo is perfect for all three.

DC Charter Buses

DC Charter Buses

Up to 24-38 passengers

The nation’s capital is a fantastic place to visit, people travel from all over the world to get here, so providing your clients with a DC charter bus that they both, rely on and have a great time in, is important. Luckily, we can help you do just that.

DC Limo Service

Charter Bus Rental DC

Charter Bus Rental DC

Up to 57 passengers

You can trust our experienced chauffeurs to provide an amazing service for you and your guests. We have much to offer when it comes to transportation, we not only offer a charter bus rental DC can use for all group travel needs; but accommodating service that will help …

DC Limo Service

Virginia Party Bus

Virginia Party Bus

Up to 44 passengers

There are as many different reasons why someone might need a party bus rental VA. Depending on where you live in Virginia, you might realize at some point in time that a party bus in Virginia could very well be beneficial. Maybe you’re going to head out to DC with family or friends,

DC Limo Service

DC Limo Service

DC Limo Service

Up to 14 passengers

There are plenty of reasons why you might require a DC limo service. The most common are for transportation to and from the airport. Whether you’re heading out to Dulles, want to visit some of the sights throughout DC, or prefer to avoid the frustrations of dealing with cabs or public transportation, a DC limo rental is ideal. Experience Washington DC like never before.

DC Limo Service



“Thank you. Our daughter and her guests had a memorable time aboard the party bus. Continued Success.”
Adriane W (Feb 28, 2015)

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